28 Jun

This girl is amazing! She is the reason that I started to write this blog. EVERYONE NEEDS TO CHECK HER OUT! NOW!!!!!


Katharine is a 13 year old beauty guru on YouTube. Personally, I think she is the best guru out there. A lot of the gurus, especially today, are very fake and get sponsored to do every video they make. This girl is amazing. When a company sends her a product to review, she tells the truth. Whether the product is a piece of crap or amazing! Katharine, let the truth be told!

I also like her because she does not edit her videos. If she does, it is not extreme editing where she takes out everything embarrassing. She is real. Yes she has a lot of makeup. Yes she has a lot of nail polish. She is a guru and that is what gurus do. She is probably my favorite person to see in my subscription box. Even though she doesn’t  make regular videos over the summer, she is still an amazing person. This is coming from a 14, almost 15, year old girl. It is a little embarrassing to say this, but she is kind of one of my role models. She sends a message, indirectly and directly, that you should not be someone that people are telling you to be. Be who you want to be. And makeup is not a necessity, it is an accessory.

Thank you Katharine for everything you have done for every single one of your subbies. We all love you. Keep on going girl! Don’t Stop Believin’

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